About SingersBabel

Great singers throughout the centuries have shared a common goal: to gain an awareness of the synergy of words and music in order to communicate a deeper understanding of the work with the audience, to be expressive, and to sing beautifully. SingersBabel is dedicated to helping musicians achieve this fundamental goal by integrating traditional teaching tools with established technology.

For singers, there is a lot of preparation needed before performing; preparing the text of music set in a foreign language or even one’s mother tongue can be a daunting part of the process. SingersBabel tools are designed to teach and refine pronunciation, enhance comprehension, and help one reach the next stage in development. The various learning materials enable singers at different levels to work at their own pace to become genuinely comfortable with texts in a number of languages. This process allows for additional joy and freedom of singing.   

Voice teachers, coaches, and music educators use SingersBabel tools in conjunction with their own trusted methods to enrich and elevate the teaching and creative process. When students understand the meaning of a foreign text and are able to comfortably pronounce each word, they come to lessons and rehearsals with a greater level of preparation and ability to receive your detailed instructions, experience and insights into the work.

Time is always an issue for conductors and choral preparers. Attaining consistent diction throughout your ensemble can take up valuable rehearsal time, but contributes greatly to accurate tuning, good vocal health, and a unified sound. When your singers use SingersBabel materials at home before and during the rehearsal period they will have a cohesive understanding of the sound and flow of the language. Your time can be spent addressing musical matters and singers will have a greater ability to execute your subtle instructions with the text. 

Language is alive and evolving. What was, before, is interesting, but might not still be. What was it? What is it now? What is next? SingersBabel provides avenues to explore, understand, and evaluate diverse viewpoints within a respectful, informed and collaborative community. Through listening and discussion we are able to formulate our own informed views and integrate them into our work.

At SingersBabel we enjoy the exploration of language, music and teaching. Working with diction specialists with a wide range of teaching and performing experience, we create tools that enable singers to be more self-reliant and inspire them to push themselves to the next level. Our team is constantly creating new materials, exploring different learning tools, and using technology in order to provide more resources, especially for singers whose desire for knowledge and curiosity of repertoire is growing.