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Do you set texts in languages other than your native language? Do you set your own texts? Would you like to give conductors and singers the diction resources to have the confidence to program your works?
Rehearsal time is always an issue for performers. Attaining consistent diction throughout an ensemble can take up valuable rehearsal time, but contributes greatly to accurate tuning, good vocal health, and a unified sound. When singers use SingersBabel materials at home, before and during the rehearsal period, they develop a cohesive understanding of the sound and flow of the language. They become genuinely comfortable with the text and come to rehearsals with a greater level of confidence and preparation. Musicians can then spend their time on the elements of the music. 

Preparation Tools



BabelGuides™  help singers improve their pronunciation and understanding of texts in foreign languages. Each BabelGuide™  contains an MP4 video, in which singers hear a native speaker reciting the original text while seeing the text, a word-for-word translation, and phonetic guide. Singers also receive a printable PDF of the Translation & Phonetic Guide. They can choose to hear the text recited poetically, slowly, and alternating speed line by line. 
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·         Learn the meaning & pronunciation of texts in several languages
·                 Deepen your understanding of the text

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Sound Sets

Every language has a unique set of sounds. With SingersBabel Sound Sets, the sounds of each language are identified by listing the IPA symbol, giving two examples with IPA transcription and English translation. Singers can choose to hear the examples demonstrated by a male or female speaker.


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