12 Poems of Emily Dickinson - Complete (BabelGuide & PDF)

Composer: Aaron Copland

Poet: Emily Dickinson

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First Line: Nature, gentlest mother

Original Language: English

Target Language: English


Voicing: Voice and Piano

Translation: N/A

IPA Guide: Daniel Molkentin

Speaker: Katharine Dane

Gender: Female


Learn the text of this work by Aaron Copland with the help of a

-Native Speaker reciting the text poetically and at a slow pace
-Word-for-word (literal) translation
-Printable IPA Guide


1. Nature, gentlest mother
2. There came a wind
3. Why do they shut me out of Heaven
4. The world feels dusty
5. Heart we will forget him 
6. Dear March, come in! 
7. Sleep is supposed to be
8. When they come back 
9. I felt a funeral in my brain 
10. I've heard an organ talk sometimes
11. Going to Heaven! 
12. The Chariot