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Improve your diction when singing in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian or Church Slavonic! Gain confidence in your singing and move on up to the next level.
SingersBabel offers tools to help you learn the meaning and pronunciation of texts found in oratorios, secular and sacred choral music, cantatas, art songs, and song cycles. These tools are not a replacement for your teacher or coach, but allow you to learn at your own speed on your own time.

 Preparation Tools


BabelGuides™ help you improve your pronunciation and understanding of texts in foreign languages. Each BabelGuide™  contains an MP4 video, in which you hear a native speaker reciting the original text while you see the text, a word-for-word translation and phonetic guide. You'll also receive a printable PDF of the Translation & Phonetic Guide. You can choose to hear the text recited poetically, slowly, and alternating speed line by line. 
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·         Learn the meaning & pronunciation of texts in several languages
·         Prepare for your lessons, rehearsals & coachings
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Sound Sets 

Every language has a unique set of sounds. With SingersBabel Sound Sets, the sounds of each language are identified by listing the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbol, giving two examples with IPA transcription and English translation. You can choose to hear the examples demonstrated by a male or female speaker.