Using the SingersBabel Website!

 There are several ways to access the FREE content on the SingersBabel website.

The Work-of-the-Week can be found on the left side of the Home page.Click on the title of the work and you will be given access to two MP4 files of the work.

Sound Sets are available for sung American English, French, and German. Each phoneme or sound of the selected language is identified by listing the IPA symbol. Next to each symbol are two examples with IPA transcription and English translation. You can choose to hear the examples demonstrated by a male or female native speaker.

A description of Languages on the website can be found as well.

The other content on the website, Repertoire, is available by subscription or for purchase in the online store. See Store\Purchase BabelGuides or Store\Subscriptions.


BabelGuides™ (subscription or purchase)

Hear a native speaker reciting the text while seeing the original text, word-for-word translation, and International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Guide scroll by. More info